With 125 years of coffee farming experience, the Falla family is one of the oldest coffee farming families in Antigua. The story of San Miguel- Single Origin Coffees begins more than 50 years ago when Arturo Falla Cofiño embarked on a new adventure when he purchased the farm El Tempixque. El Tempixque is located just a short drive from Antigua, a world heritage site, in the village of San Miguel Dueñas. The farm is nestled amongst three majestic and active volcanoes, Agua, Fuego and Acatenango. The coffees from San

Miguel are as unique as the location itself.


In addition to coffee, El Tempixque produced another of El Canche’s loves: ornamental plants. The farm is home to a beautiful nursery of poinsettias and orchids. El Tempixque’s orchids have given rise to new and unique varieties and have received awards on numerous occasions. “El Canche” (The Blond) farmed coffee and orchids at El Tempixque for 30 years until he passed away. At that time, his son, Estuardo Falla, faced a crossroads as to which direction to take the primary business of El Tempixque: orchids or coffee. Estuardo took over the duties of running the farm, focusing on growing and processing high quality coffee and continues to do so today as the General Manager.


The values that El Canche instilled in his son are carried out in Estuardo’s business philosophy: take care of the land so it can be passed along to the next generation.Learning from his father, Estuardo understands how much passion and dedication is needed to produce superior quality coffee every day. “I was fortunate to have worked with my father for ten years,”- says Estuardo, “coffee seduces you, it’s a very dynamic

business.” To find success in this dynamic business, Estuardo has made it core to San Miguel’s mission to run the Falla family's operat

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